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A Little Less Girl Appearances

By Tess Oliver

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You can't judge a book by its cover… but that's never stopped mean kids in high school from judging the heck out of everyone. Appearances are a big deal in life and in A Little Less Girl, too. Jake and Dani are ridiculously good-looking, while Amy struggles to feel good about her appearance and weight. In the end, we find out that beauty is only skin deep—it's what's inside those that really counts. Yay.

Questions About Appearances

  1. Would Amy have liked Jake as much if he hadn't been so smoking hot? Or owned that horse? In other words, how much does his appearance matter and what else draws her to him (if anything)?
  2. How do characters like Dani, Jake, and Katrina use their looks to their advantage?
  3. Do you find Amy's struggle with her weight realistic? Why or why not? Be specific, please.

Chew on This

Amy's dramatic weight loss scores her some attention from the popular crowd, but her new friendships don't mean much because they're just based on outward appearances and aren't truly genuine.

Jake is more caught up in looks than he'll admit. After all, he wasn't attracted to overweight Amy, but he can't take his eyes off gorgeous Dani.

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