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A Little Less Girl Arts and Culture

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Arts and Culture

For Amy in A Little Less Girl, art is a way of life (or it was while she was still alive, anyway). She lives vicariously through her romance novels and paints to express her feelings. Of course, the whole romantic hero thing doesn't end up working out for her, but while literature lets Amy down, her art plays an important role in the story. Because Amy leaves behind a whole heap of writings and paintings, Dani is able to figure out the truth about her death. That's some pretty important artwork right there.

Questions About Arts and Culture

  1. Why are Dani and Jake so envious of Amy's artistic talents? What patterns do you notice and what does their envy reveal about their characters?
  2. How might Amy's life (and death) have been different if she shared her art with other people instead of hiding it away? What problems might it have solved? Are there problems it might have created?
  3. Why do you think Amy writes and paints so little about her relationship with Mr. Dermott?

Chew on This

Amy hides from real relationships by focusing on fictional romances.

Through her art, Amy lives on.

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