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A Little Less Girl Love

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Love is a many splendored thing. Well, it is if you can get it. The characters in A Little Less Girl are pretty darn star-crossed when it comes to love. Amy loves Jake from a distance; Jake loves Dani but keeps his distance; and Dani loves Jake and isn't sure how much distance she wants to put between them… especially when he's riding his horse. In the end, everyone learns a whole bunch of lessons about what it really means to love someone. That's amore

Questions About Love

  1. Does Amy truly love Jake or is she just infatuated with him? Support your argument with evidence from the text.
  2. Why do you think Jake never loves Amy back but he falls for Dani almost immediately? Again, back that answer up with proof from the book.
  3. Do you think Jake and Dani's love will last past high school? Why or why not?

Chew on This

Both Jake and Dani initially hold back from confessing their love for each other because they're trying to respect Amy's memory.

Amy dies with a pretty negative view of love because her two crushes—Jake and Mr. Dermott—have let her down really badly.

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