Chapter 4

  • For a few days, the six boys wander around trying to find food and someplace to hide.
  • Eventually, they're so hungry that they decide to return to Mattru Jong to get money for food.
  • Back at the village it's a horror show. There are bodies everywhere along with human body parts that have been chopped off. Armed rebels are all over the place.
  • Ishmael and his friends manage to sneak back into Khalilou's house and find some money. The only other food is a rice bag, which would be too heavy to carry.
  • Ishmael, his friends, and a group of other people leave town again, but the rebels spot a boy in their group who's carrying a huge bag of food.
  • The people manage to get away, but the boy with the food isn't so lucky.
  • In the next town the six boys are able to get to, they try to buy food, but no one is selling. People are worried about what may come so they've decided to save their food for themselves. It's understandable.
  • Ishmael is pretty upset. They risked their lives to get money and now that money is useless. But this is what happens during war, he tells us. Things change constantly.
  • That night the boys steal some food in the night. It's the only way they can keep going without starving to death.

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