Study Guide

A Million Little Pieces Part 1, Chapter 1

By James Frey

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Part 1, Chapter 1

  • Our narrator James wakes up in an airplane. He's missing teeth, he has a broken nose, and he has a gaping hole in his cheek. Did we just open up Fight Club by mistake?
  • James has no idea where he is, but the flight attendant says he's going to Chicago.
  • When the plane lands, the flight attendant helps James off the plane, and he pukes all over the jetway. The airlines probably charge extra for that.
  • James is greeted by his parents. They get him some water and tell him they're taking him to the cabin.
  • When his parents ask what happened, James says he has no idea. He doesn't remember everything, just "bits and pieces" (1.1.105). A million little pieces, perhaps?
  • James and his parents get to the cabin, where James takes a shower and puts on fresh clothes.
  • His mom cries, and James manages to say "thanks" (1.1.121) for picking him up.
  • James goes to his room, smokes some cigarettes, "think[s] about her" (1.1.125), and blacks out.

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