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A Million Little Pieces Part 2, Chapter 1

By James Frey

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Part 2, Chapter 1

  • James wanders around in the cold, stares at the lake, and reminisces about a girl from his past. (Marnie? Hannah? Shoshanna?)
  • This girl was roommates with another girl named Lucinda, and James saw her when he delivered some weed to Lucinda one day.
  • James goes back in and showers, then he borrows a Swiss army knife from Warren so that he can remove his stitches himself.
  • The Bald Man walks in while James is playing amateur surgeon on himself and freaks out.
  • After Warren calms the Bald Man down, James leaves and bumps into Leonard, who tells James his whole life story. (Check out his "Character Analysis" for a summary.)
  • Then Lincoln shows up to apologize to James. Roy's friend Eric told Lincoln that Roy messed up the bathroom thing, just as James said he did.
  • While the men are watching a football game, James gets some visitors: his brother and his friends Julie and Kirk.
  • They give him clothes and some books; then they go for a walk.
  • On the walk, they meet Lilly and her grandmother, and Julie teases James for having a girlfriend.
  • James's brother Bob tries to get James to try to get better—"I don't want you to die, you dumb Little F***er" (2.1.425)—but James is still apathetic and suicidal about everything.
  • James's family and friends leave, and James goes back inside to find that football is over, and Leonard won all the money. He's buying everyone a big feast for dinner.
  • James uses the phone to call some friends, including his friend Andy, who seems to be the one who put him on the plane in the first place.
  • Then James phones he parents, and his mom cries a lot.
  • Back in his room, James finds John (the sexual ninja) in a funk and tries to give him a pep talk.
  • James manages to get John out of bed and down to the room where all the food from Leonard is.
  • James eats a bit but then has to go projectile most of it up.
  • After the puke-fest, James gets another call. This one is from Lilly, who says that her grandmother thought James was handsome. (Maybe they'll hook up? He could use the "new teeth" line on her…)

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