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A Million Little Pieces Part 3, Chapter 4

By James Frey

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Part 3, Chapter 4

  • Miles wakes up James because Lilly is at the window.
  • James climbs through the window, and Lilly starts yelling "F*** you" at James over and over (3.4.45) (3.4.49) (3.453).
  • Lilly thought that since James had three plates at lunch, he was going to meet her at three o'clock. She thinks he stood her up.
  • James and Lilly talk about Lilly's abandonment issues, and they end up dropping the big one: "I love you" (3.4.170).
  • James and Lilly separate after a time, and James returns to the clinic.
  • Inside, the man in black confronts James. He's the guy who pulled James from the chair way back in Part 1, Chapter 3.
  • The man in black decides to tell James about a time that Lilly got gang raped by a drug dealer and all his friends.
  • The man and Bobby think this story is really funny, and this makes James angry. The Fury is back.
  • James attacks the man and starts to strangle him. Leonard steps in to keep Bobby from pulling James off the man.
  • James stops before he kills the man and walks outside.
  • Leonard calms James down, and he goes back to the family meeting.
  • James's father tells him that he has to leave early because of a business call. Even though he's leaving early, he's glad to have his son back, and he's proud of him.
  • James apologizes for being a disappointment, and he promises to be honest with them in the future.
  • James says that after jail, he wants to move to Chicago with Lilly.
  • James's parents leave, and James goes to another lecture about addiction that he completely disagrees with.
  • James returns to his room and finds a note to call Lilly.
  • James calls Lilly, and she tells him that her grandma is going to die.
  • James skips the afternoon session, saying he has to go outside and take a walk.
  • James finds Lilly, who says that her grandma has cancer. "You're all I've got, James. In the whole goddamn world, you're all I've got" (3.4.558).
  • Lincoln catches them together, which is against the rules.
  • James and Lilly are separated, and James is sent to his room, where he smokes and sulks.
  • James wants to give into "the Fury and the fear and the addiction" (3.4.640), but he decides not to.
  • Eventually, Lincoln calls James to his office and tells him that Lilly walked out after they told her that she couldn't see James anymore.
  • James says that he wants to go and get Lilly back. Lincoln laughs, which makes James furious (because only he and his friends are supposed to laugh at other people's trauma).
  • James says that Lilly is "a Person, not a f***ing lesson" (3.4.721), and he charges out to go find her.
  • A truck pulls up behind him. Hank and Lincoln are inside, and they take James downtown.
  • James asks a bunch of addicts and finds the crack house where Lilly is.
  • Lilly's giving a man oral sex and smoking crack.
  • James punches the man who is with Lilly and drags her out. She's "grunting, growling, struggling, fighting" (3.4.898), but she goes with him.

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