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A Million Little Pieces Part 4, Chapter 4

By James Frey

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Part 4, Chapter 4

  • James wakes up at 3:47, and he's scared of everything. "Scaredscared scared" (4.4.12). Leaving. Lilly. Love. Living. Dying. (Clowns. The number thirteen. Gwyneth Paltrow.) Etc.
  • Miles exchanges information with James (it's a one-sided exchange since James doesn't have an address or phone number yet), and James goes to find Lilly.
  • James and Lilly manage to get a moment together to tell each other "I love you."
  • James says he's going to jail, but he promises he'll come find Lilly afterward.
  • James says goodbye to Lilly, then to Joanne and to Hank. Hank makes him promise to come back as a visitor, not a patient.
  • James's brother picks him up. Their friend Kevin is also there to get him.
  • James Frey, you just got out of rehab. Now what you going to do? He's going to Disn…
  • "I'm going to a Bar" (4.4.200).
  • Of course, James's bro thinks this is a bad idea, but since James is the most stubborn man on the planet, bro takes him anyway.
  • James orders a glass filled to the brim with Kentucky bourbon.
  • Then James stares that glass down, as though it's his toilet or that otter he looked at in the woods that one time, and he doesn't drink it.
  • James tells his brother he "won't ever do it again" (4.4.264).

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