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A Northern Light Chapter 26

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Chapter 26


  • Still in May, Daisy the cow has gotten out of the fence again, and Mattie and Royal have to go catch her. Royal's brothers tease him as he walks Mattie and Daisy home.
  • Mattie wants to tell someone that Miss Wilcox is really Emily Baxter, but she hasn't seen Weaver for a while and doesn't trust anyone else not to blab.
  • Royal waves his hand toward some land and tells Mattie his plans for it, but Mattie realizes that the land belongs to Emma Hubbard and her own father.
  • As the two approach some trees, Royal pulls her under them and kisses her, then tries to take things further, but Mattie says no. Again.
  • Royal says that he's not playing around, and offers to get Mattie a ring. Mattie says yes, not considering all the other things she is saying no to.
  • As Mattie falls asleep that night, she wonders why Royal hasn't told her that he loves her.

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