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A Northern Light Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

  • In present day, although Mattie knows she shouldn't read any more letters that Grace has written, she can't help herself.
  • In the next letter, Grace asks for Chester's forgiveness and begs him to come see her. Again.
  • Mattie sifts through the letters until she finds one from Chester, which tells Grace not to worry and have a good time. The next letter from Chester talks about other girls he's having fun with, and Mattie realizes that Grace is worried because Chester doesn't seem to care that he got her pregnant.
  • Confused about why Chester brought Grace to the North Woods, Mattie reads a third letter and recognizes that all of Chester's fun outings took place on a lake. This means that Chester definitely understands boating, and lakes, and swimming… and has most likely not drowned.
  • Mattie realizes that the reason Chester brought Grace to the North Woods is much more nefarious than eloping.

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