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A Northern Light Chapter 29

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Chapter 29


  • Back at the end of May, Mattie's father warns her about the hotel and that things aren't what they seem. But Mattie already knows the truth of his words: Miss Wilcox is really Emily Baxter, Mr. Loomis is not really all that nice (and probably fathered some of Emma Hubbard's children), and Royal is really interested in Mattie.
  • Two days previously, Mattie found Pleasant the mule dead, so now Pa has decided that Mattie will go work at the Glenmore to help pay off the cost of a new mule.
  • Mattie should be more excited, but she knows she's working for her family, not for her dream of college.
  • Although Mattie can't work for Miss Wilcox anymore, her teacher is glad for her to go, not knowing that Mattie has already written to the dean of Barnard telling him she can't attend.
  • Mattie and her father decide that they will split the money Mattie earns at the hotel each week, so that Mattie can save for her life with Royal.
  • Pa gives Mattie advice about how to stay out of trouble and hides his anxiety and worry for his daughter as he drops her off. Instead of hugging her (which Mattie would have liked), Pa just gives her the bag and leaves.

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