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A Northern Light Chapter 31

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Chapter 31


  • After a week of working at the Glenmore, Mattie feels like she fits in.
  • Earlier that evening, Weaver gets caught fighting and Mattie and Cook clean him up. John Denio, the man who brings Weaver in, explains to the owner of the hotel that three drunk trappers called Weaver the n word, Weaver answered back, and the trappers beat Weaver until John chased them off.
  • Weaver says that he's going to press charges against the men.
  • When Cook says Weaver needs to stay in the kitchen until his face heals, Weaver wonders why, and the hotel owner explains that he could just as easily have died that night.
  • Weaver, understandably, can't wait until he gets to Columbia.
  • Though Weaver thinks the two will navigate New York together, Mattie can't bring herself to tell him that she's found a place in Royal's arms.

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