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A Northern Light Chapter 34

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Chapter 34


  • As spring becomes summer and Weaver is confined to the kitchen, Cook threatens to take the cost of the dishes he breaks out of his wages.
  • Unfortunately, Bill the dishwasher has the day off, and Weaver, furious and sulking, is still on kitchen duty after the three trappers beat him up. Even when Mattie shares her word of the day—saltant, which means leaping or jumping—he still grumbles.
  • Because Weaver's stuck in the kitchen, the girls have to wait on table six, and the man grows bolder daily. Cook is miserable because Weaver seems to be deliberately doing his tasks wrong.
  • Eventually Mr. Higby, who owns a camp and is a justice of the peace, shows up to talk to Weaver. Mr. Higby tells Weaver that he arrested the men who attacked him and they're going to jail.
  • A change comes over Weaver, as if some of his dignity has been restored because the law took his side.
  • Cook, who hates to be wrong, says the news changes nothing, but Weaver contradicts her, saying, "'it changes everything'" (34.saltant.31). Three more people will think twice before beating someone up.

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