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A Northern Light Chapter 36

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Chapter 36


  • Once Mattie's family is on the mend, she returns Mrs. Loomis's jars and basket before going back to work at the Glenmore.
  • Mrs. Loomis, who helped Mattie take care of her family along with Weaver's mom, asks Mattie if she's been taking cod-liver oil, and Mattie lies and says yes. Pa is still coughing and Beth is weak, but the family is doing fine.
  • Mrs. Loomis makes small talk with Mattie and then Mattie gets a minute with Royal before she leaves. She asks Royal if he loves her, but he sidesteps the question; Mattie thinks of how helpful he was with the cows and the calves while the family was sick.
  • One calf, Baldwin, desperately misses his mother Daisy, but he's learning to cope with what he has left.
  • Mattie slips the ring Royal has given her on her finger and says they need to talk to her father.

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