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A Northern Light Chapter 43

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Chapter 43


  • After the Fourth of July, Fran, Ada, and Mattie are planning on getting revenge on table six, who cornered Ada and propositioned her with some pretty dirty stuff.
  • Fran wants to tell Cook about it, but as the girls take Hamlet (one of the guest's dogs) on his nightly walk, Fran comes up with a different plan after seeing Hamlet's favorite pooping spot.
  • So the girls prepare for the trick: They borrow swimming costumes, get a piece of rope, and write a note to get table six to come to a particular place at a particular time. And Mattie feeds Hamlet really well.
  • They race to Hamlet's favorite fern patch for his business and arrange the rope. Mattie worries that the rope is too obvious, and she gets a little scared of table six, but then table six comes running, Mattie and Ada pulls the rope, and table six falls headfirst into Hamlet's latest, um, addition to his favorite pooping grounds.
  • When the girls break down laughing, table six threatens to get them all fired; Fran threatens him right back, though, and he backs off.
  • The girls race to the lake and take a triumphant swim. After a while, they head back to the hotel and receive news that table six has decided to take dinner in his room. Cook mentions that she made his favorite dessert for him—chocolate pudding—and the girls break down in laughter.

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