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A Northern Light Chapter 44

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Chapter 44


  • The girls' happy mood dissipates when they receive news that Weaver's mom's house has burned down; although Weaver raced home, the girls have to wait until after dinner to go.
  • As they drive over, the girls think the fire is an accident, but when they arrive and see the house and dead mule and chickens, they realize that the fire was no accident.
  • Pa is there, and he explains that the trappers must have gotten out of jail and killed the mule and chickens; they set fire to the house and broke Weaver's mom's arm too.
  • Mattie runs to Emmie Hubbard's house, where Weaver's mom is stubbornly refusing to get her arm treated.
  • Finally everyone understands why Weaver's mom is so upset: The trappers took all of the money that she's been saving for Weaver's college. It's just the worst all around.

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