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A Northern Light Chapter 47

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Chapter 47


  • While taking tea with Emmie Hubbard, Weaver and Mattie are stunned by the change in both Emmie and her house—Emmie's eyes are calm and clear, she's put together, and her house is mostly clean.
  • Mattie takes comfort in the fact that Frank Loomis won't appear unannounced while Weaver's mom is living with Emmie.
  • Moreover, Emmie is taking over Weaver's mom's role of selling food at the train, and Weaver's mom is watching her children; Tommy is helping Mattie's father as much as possible as well, in exchange for milk and butter.
  • As Weaver and Mattie drive back to the Glenmore, Weaver tells Mattie he wishes there were happy endings in real life. Mattie realizes that even though she doesn't believe in happy endings, the change in the Hubbard's house is nice… but then she remembers the Loomis boys and Royal and realizes that happy endings aren't really happy for everyone.

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