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A Northern Light Chapter 48

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Chapter 48


  • During the commotion of the dinner rush, John Denio tells Henry to keep the mice out of the flour bin as the girls bustle about.
  • Mattie thinks of the two additional people they should have during the rush: Carl Grahm and Grace Brown. She remembers hearing them argue about what to do for fun: go to a chapel or go boating; Grace calls Carl by a different name: Chester.
  • Later, Mattie sees Grace and Grace gives Mattie the letters, which Mattie puts under her mattress and forgets in the rush of the day.
  • But now, during the dinner rush, Mattie can't forget about Grace and Carl and their empty table. She overhears Mr. Morrison, the hotel manager, telling Cook that Carl Grahm took a woman out on a boat after lunch and never came back.
  • Mattie drops the teapot, which shatters.

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