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A Raisin in the Sun The Home

By Lorraine Hansberry

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The Home

Act One, Scene Two
Lena Younger (Mama)

It’s dangerous, son.
What’s dangerous?
When a man goes outside his home to look for peace. (1.2.215-7)

Mama worries that if her son starts going outside of their home to find peace then one day he might not come back. She feels that a man's house should be his safe haven, and that there's a serious problem in that home if he can't find rest there.

(Looking at him as she would WALTER) I bet you don’t half look after yourself, being away from your mama either. I spec you better come ‘round here from time to time to get yourself some decent home-cooked meals… (1.2.125)

Lena offers her home to Asagai, showing that the Younger household is hospitable to others, even in their poverty.

Act Two, Scene One
Lena Younger (Mama)

Walter Lee – it makes a difference in a man when he can walk on floors that belong to him… (2.1.170)

Lena hopes that owning a house will give Walter a sense of pride. In her mind, it will give him something in the world that is truly his. Of course, Walter sees this as an unwise investment. He'd rather invest in a business than a home.

Act Two, Scene Three
Ruth Younger

RUTH (Who hadn’t thought of that)
Oh – Well, they bound to fit something in the whole house. Anyhow, they was too good a bargain to pass up. (RUTH slaps her head, suddenly remembering something) Oh, Bennie – I meant to put a special note on that carton over there. That’s your mama’s good china and she wants ‘em to be very careful with it. (2.3.5)

In her excitement for the new house, Ruth bought new curtains without worrying about the size of the windows. Ruth is very excited to decorate the new space and make the house truly theirs.

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