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A Raisin in the Sun Act Three

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Act Three

  • The mood in the house is spiritless. Asagai shows up at the door, jolly and naïve to what has happened. He asks Beneatha to go with him back to Africa and encourages her to hang onto any remaining faith in idealism.
  • Walter leaves and returns, only to announce that he is going to put on a show for The Man. It turns out that in true Walter fashion, he has called Karl Lindner back… to accept the offer. He gives a speech about how you can dream about making a difference, but in the end, it’s a dog eat dog world. That’s right, he sells out. Big time.
  • The women are – as you might imagine – outraged.
  • It seems that Walter has truly dragged the family down to rock bottom.
  • Beneatha expresses her disgust for her brother. Surprisingly, Lena stands up for her son, saying that just when people seem to deserve compassion the least is when they need it the most.
  • Karl arrives, and Walter struggles to form sentences. Knowingly giving into racism tends to produce that effect.
  • Especially when your son is looking at you.
  • After a lot of stammering, Walter rejects the offer. He says that the family isn’t out to fight any big causes or cause trouble.
  • Everyone (except Karl) breathes out a collective sigh of relief.
  • With that, moving day is back on. The apartment is bustling once more with life, with Beneatha and Walter arguing over whom she should marry.
  • Ruth and Lena share a maternal moment, glowing with pride from Walter’s strong stand.
  • Lena has a last moment to herself in the apartment, then takes the plant and goes downstairs.

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