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A Russian Beauty Summary

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A Russian Beauty Summary

Olga, our protagonist, is born at the turn of the 20th century to wealthy parents. We imagine that her life is what ours would have been like if we could have had all the toys at Toys"R"Us and candy everyday. Minus the toothaches. In other words, super awesome.

Anyway, everything seems great until her mother dies, her brother is killed, and she flees the country with her father. You know, the usual stuff. That's not so great, but at least she makes a lot of friends while she's in Berlin. They dance and make up slang. Typical teenager stuff. But then her father dies, and she becomes so poor that she can't even repair the holes in her shoes. Bummer.

Everything changes when she bumps into her friend Vera one day. Vera invites Olga to her summer villa and plots to set her up with a husband. It should be sweet, but Olga doesn't cooperate. That's okay, because the guy doesn't mind and proposes anyway (weirdo).

A few sentences later Olga is dead, and the story is over. Tah Dah?

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