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A Small Place Visions of Antigua

By Jamaica Kincaid

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Visions of Antigua

Visions of Antigua? At some points in A Small Place, they seem more like hallucinations. The novel takes readers on a tour of the small Caribbean island, giving us no-good tourists an up-close-and-personal view of the country Kincaid both loves and hates. You'll see the way the country has changed over decades of corrupt leadership, learn what makes the Antiguan people tick, and come to understand what the future might hold for this small but tumultuous place. Kincaid might not always be head over heels for Antigua, but she'll never stop loving the place she comes from.

Questions About Visions of Antigua

  1. In what ways has Antigua changed over Kincaid's lifetime? How has it stayed the same?
  2. How do the people from the Mill Reef Club view Antigua?
  3. Why are so many different types of people drawn to Antigua?
  4. What is Kincaid's relationship to her fellow Antiguans?

Chew on This

Although Kincaid is more than willing to call out the British for their atrocities, it seems like there is a part of her that's nostalgic for their presence in Antigua.

Antiguans have the unfortunate distinction of living in an area so beautiful that people from all over the world want to take it over.

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