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A Step from Heaven Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Park Joon Ho

  • Enter: the Dragon.
  • Okay, not literally—it's just the day Young Ju's new baby brother is coming home from the hospital.
  • Gomo's at the house taking care of Young Ju, but she isn't really taking care of Young Ju; she's really just getting the house ready for the new baby.
  • She does, however, manage to tell Young Ju what a Mongolian spot is—a birthmark that apparently every Korean baby has because Koreans used to come from Mongolia.
  • Then he comes home, and everyone (except Young Ju) goes totally gaga over the little baby; he's even got the adults forecasting that he's going to be president one day.
  • Young Ju feels left out and calls out that she could be president one day, but Apa just laughs at her and says she can't because she's a girl.
  • (Yeah—Apa's not exactly up for any Father of the Year awards.)
  • All Young Ju gets is a mini-lecture from Gomo about how she's now an older sister, so she's responsible for helping to take care of the little runt. Oh—and that she needs to be a good housekeeper too. What a future.
  • Young Ju gets it into her head to hunt for the baby's Mongolian spot because maybe, if he doesn't have one, then he can't really be a Park. You know—perfectly logical stuff for a young girl to think of.
  • Anyway, the baby has a Mongolian spot, so no dice: he's a Park.
  • Young Ju notices how Apa's hands are soft and clean—which isn't how his hands usually are.
  • In fact, Apa just has a totally different, better way of treating the new baby (different from, she's guessing, the way he reacted to her birth).
  • The adults all toast to the new baby, Park Joon Ho, while Young Ju thinks to herself that she's "not a baby anymore."

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