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A Step from Heaven Chapter 13

By An Na

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Chapter 13

Disappearing Bubbles

  • Young Ju has no idea what apple cider is—this is the kind of stuff she keeps from her BFF Amanda—or what going means (as in going out).
  • English just doesn't make sense sometimes.
  • Apa interrupts her thoughts and orders her to help him and Joon wash the car.
  • Young Ju has Apa's system down, and she gets right to scrubbing the car with dishwashing soap and sponge.
  • Joon, on the other hand, is totally not working—in fact, he's playing with the bubbles.
  • Does Apa care? Nope. He tells her to leave Joon alone and go back to soaping the car.
  • Young Ju does what she's told, but she's thinking about how everyone likes Joon for his height and size (she, unfortunately, is small).
  • Then Joon decides to go pee on the street.
  • Young Ju rats on her brother, but Apa doesn't care because Joon's a boy after all and, as far as he's concerned, peeing outside is what boys do.
  • Young Ju doesn't get it though—she doesn't get why Apa treats and views girls and boys differently.
  • Meanwhile, Apa's cracking up because Joon's pretending to be a fireman with his penis spraying pee on the street.
  • Even Joon's friend Peach Fuzz is amazed at Joon's boldness.
  • All of this just makes Young Ju wish she could be far away.
  • She even turns her head as Apa sprays away the bubbles she's soaped up on the car.

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