Study Guide

A Step from Heaven Chapter 14

By An Na

Chapter 14

The Blob

  • Are you thinking this chapter might have something to do with the movie The Blob?
  • Think the opposite then because this is all about Apa being a good dad (for once).
  • On some weekend mornings, Apa turns into what Young Ju calls "the Blob," and he catches the kids by surprise, scooping them up into a gigantic bear hug.
  • He won't let go, and instead goes after them if they try to get away from him; he even manages to bring Uhmma into the hug.
  • It's only when the kids say they give up that he lets go and melts away into the carpet.
  • The kids may have bruises and rug burns from all the rough play, but they don't care—it's one of those rare times when Apa is fun and nice, and the kids feel comfortable enough about hugging him back.

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