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A Step from Heaven Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

The Blob

  • Are you thinking this chapter might have something to do with the movie The Blob?
  • Think the opposite then because this is all about Apa being a good dad (for once).
  • On some weekend mornings, Apa turns into what Young Ju calls "the Blob," and he catches the kids by surprise, scooping them up into a gigantic bear hug.
  • He won't let go, and instead goes after them if they try to get away from him; he even manages to bring Uhmma into the hug.
  • It's only when the kids say they give up that he lets go and melts away into the carpet.
  • The kids may have bruises and rug burns from all the rough play, but they don't careā€”it's one of those rare times when Apa is fun and nice, and the kids feel comfortable enough about hugging him back.

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