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A Step from Heaven Chapter 15

By An Na

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Chapter 15

Rainy-Day Surprises

  • It's raining, but you probably figured that out already.
  • So anyway, Joon and Young Ju are stuck inside the car at the parking lot in Uhmma's workplace, Johnny's Steak House.
  • Usually it's not so bad waiting for Uhmma because they can go out of the car and play, but today, because it's raining, Uhmma can only give them a couple of dry hamburgers from work and leave them stir crazy, inside the car.
  • The rain makes Young Ju think back to another rainy day… Yep, it's flashback time.
  • That time, Uhmma took Young Ju back into the restaurant while Joon slept in the car.
  • Young Ju got to hang out with the other restaurant employees, eat some more food, and listen to her mother chat with another employee in a mix of Korean, Japanese, and English; Young Ju also got to hear her mother called by her name Suna (and not Uhmma).
  • She even got to drink a Shirley Temple that one of the workers made for her.
  • It was the kind of day that made Young Ju wish the rain could last forever, and a far cry from being stuck in the car with Joon, who wakes up and grouches about the rain.
  • Doesn't matter—Young Ju still likes her rainy days.

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