Study Guide

A Step from Heaven Chapter 2

By An Na

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Chapter 2

All This Weight

  • Apa isn't happy; Uhmma's not happy; no one's happy.
  • Halmoni, who's old and sleepy-looking, has given up trying to control Apa because she's, you know, old and Apa isn't a little boy anymore.
  • Halmoni is so weak that she only shakes her head and hides out with Uhmma and Young Ju when Apa comes home drunk.
  • They hide out because Apa's a mean drunk.
  • According to Young Ju, Halmoni's always saying that all Apa needs is a good spanking. Unfortunately, Harabugi—the enforcer—is dead.
  • Uhmma's not always about lying low though, and sometimes she's willing to confront her husband about his whereabouts.
  • You can probably guess where that leaves her and everyone else.
  • Yep—cue lots of sounds of stuff breaking.
  • When that happens, Halmoni rocks Young Ju on her lap and asks Harabugi's portrait how he could have left them alone with Apa and "all this weight."

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