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A Step from Heaven Chapter 20

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Chapter 20


  • Young Ju's dreaming that she's about to touch a cloud, when she wakes up.
  • It's a recurring dream that's all about Young Ju's wish to reach heaven (hey, big dreams die hard).
  • Anyway, Uhmma walks in and tells Young Ju that Halmoni just passed away. (What, is she psychic now?)
  • Young Ju takes a walk down memory lane with Uhmma, but even she can't piece all the memories of Halmoni together.
  • Then Uhmma tells Young Ju to go comfort Apa.
  • Young Ju isn't exactly willing (hey, we don't blame her—Apa's not exactly easy to deal with) but goes anyway because she doesn't want to be a bad daughter.
  • It's not so bad—she and Apa actually talk, and Apa reminisces about his mother.
  • But then things sour as Apa starts beating himself up for not going back to Korea for the funeral.
  • Young Ju does her best to make him feel better about the whole situation, and even tells him that Halmoni doesn't need him in Korea because she's already in heaven.
  • It's a nice thing to say, and Apa recognizes it by holding her hand. Even Apa has a soft side.

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