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A Step from Heaven Chapter 22

By An Na

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Chapter 22

The Power of Prayer

  • It's church time because Uhmma says so.
  • But Joon Ho and Young Ju are confused because it's just not something they do as a family.
  • Young Ju is especially not into it (you can practically hear her inward groan) because the minister is that guy who stands outside the store all day going on and on about how God will change your life—you know, the guy you try to avoid on your way into the store.
  • Uhmma says Grace Church is new, and the minister seems like a really good guy; Joon Ho is just trying to avoid the whole conversation.
  • Young Ju wants to know though, if Apa will be going too—apparently Apa gets a pass.
  • That's probably not a bad thing considering Apa's home a lot less now, and when he is home, he's often drunk, drinking, or sleeping off his drunkenness.
  • On the way to church, Young Ju notices Uhmma looking in the mirror, patting her own hair.
  • When they get to the church, which is only a basement, the minister's wife Mrs. Kim—in her high heels and nice clothes—greets them.
  • She's super-warm and friendly to them, and she ushers Joon Ho and Young Ju to the Sunday school side of the church (which is really more like a small office than a classroom).
  • Sunday school is boring—so boring that Young Ju asks to go to the bathroom (you know that excuse).
  • When she's out in the big hall, Young Ju notices Uhmma deep in prayer, sitting in the back row of the adult congregation, while everyone else is singing.
  • When both services are over, they all meet up, and Uhmma asks how Sunday school went.
  • Joon Ho tells her that Sunday school was boring but that the doughnuts were good.
  • But Uhmma doesn't care—she thinks church will be better once they know more people.
  • In fact, she's in such good spirits that she hums a song and drives them all to the beach.
  • Once they're on the beach, Uhmma kicks off her heels and starts singing a church song. (That must have been one good service.)
  • Young Ju listens to her mother sing all the high notes in the song.

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