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A Step from Heaven Chapter 24

By An Na

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Chapter 24


  • Gomo, Uncle Tim, and Uhmma are all talking to and about Apa.
  • Why is this such a big deal?
  • Apa was just arrested for drunk driving, so no one is happy with him.
  • Gomo, especially, is laying down the law (pun totally intended) to him.
  • Finally Gomo leaves, but before she does, she lets Apa know that their talk isn't over and that she'll be over tomorrow.
  • The next day Uhmma and the kids are walking on eggshells around Apa; then the phone rings and it's Gomo saying she'll be coming over.
  • All of a sudden, Apa turns Christian and wants to go to church. What a coincidence, right?
  • So off the Parks go to church.
  • Only it's all a little awkward with Apa there.
  • Apa's not into being social with Pastor Kim; he just leads Uhmma to the back row of seats in the church (even though she usually sits in the front).
  • When the service is over, Uhmma helps out with food while Apa stands off in the corner alone, smoking a cigarette. You know, like James Dean only without the super-hot and oh-so-cool factors.
  • On the way home, Uhmma tries to get Apa to talk about his experience at church, but Apa's totally silent.
  • Once they get home, Apa takes off his tie, storms off to his room, and slams the door like he's an angry teenager.
  • But then he comes back out and goes straight for the car.
  • Which is—of course—a big no-no. After all, he just got caught for drunk driving.
  • That's at least what's on Uhmma's mind, but Apa doesn't care and drives away; he doesn't come back for three days.
  • What does Uhmma do? Wait for Apa.

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