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A Step from Heaven Chapter 6

By An Na

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Chapter 6

Waiting For Heaven

  • So they're on a bus and it's a long, bumpy ride to Mi Gook.
  • Oh wait—no—it's not a bus. It's an airplane, according to Uhmma, who corrects Young Ju and tells Young Ju that she'll let her know when they get there.
  • Young Ju plays with the bow on her dress because then she won't be looking at her dad—that's important because her father might get mad at her.
  • Plus the dress's color reminds her of Halmoni and their sunset walks.
  • She really misses Halmoni and wishes Halmoni wasn't sitting alone in their house.
  • Why isn't Halmoni with them?
  • Simple: Halmoni thinks Mi Gook is for young people.
  • Which doesn't sit well with Young Ju. She just doesn't get why Halmoni couldn't go with them and doesn't want to go to Mi Gook unless Halmoni is there. (It's a little too late, unfortunately.)
  • That means Young Ju doesn't really want to go to heaven either because Mi Gook is heaven. (Yeah, no one's corrected her on that yet.)
  • Oh—and Young Ju thinks God is a liar. Blasphemy, right?
  • Then the "bus" jumps, which makes Young Ju think that God just heard her call him a liar, so she immediately prays for forgiveness.
  • But that darn "bus" jumps again, so now Young Ju thinks God is definitely angry with her.
  • She tries to get Uhmma to comfort her, but Uhmma just thinks she's being silly.
  • Still Young Ju wants to know: does everyone go to heaven?
  • Uhmma says that as long as you're one of "God's people" you can, so Young Ju wants to know if Halmoni will go to heaven.
  • So of course Uhmma says yes, Halmoni will get to heaven one day.
  • But since Young Ju still thinks Mi Gook is heaven and vice versa, she's all excited because now she thinks Halmoni will be meeting up with them in Mi Gook.
  • Now that she's excited, she can't stop with her questions, like whether Halmoni is sleeping right now.
  • Uhmma replies that she is, but that Young Ju ought to stop asking so many questions and let her sleep too.
  • So Young Ju settles back into her seat and listens to Uhmma sing the mountain rabbit song (Young Ju's song).
  • Young Ju imagines now that she's the mountain rabbit and that she's going to go see Harabugi.
  • She also plans to ask Halmoni how her "bus" ride goes once Halmoni gets to Mi Gook.
  • Then she's back to being a rabbit who's hopping and "waiting for heaven."

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