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A Step from Heaven Passivity

By An Na

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Passivity in A Step From Heaven isn't so much about an ingrained character trait as much as it's a state the characters are violently forced into by an abusive patriarch. It's also a state that the characters have to grow out of for the sake of their own survival. Think of it as a station the character have to pass through on the way to adulthood.

Questions About Passivity

  1. Is passivity a trait that gets passed down from generation to generation?
  2. Even though Young Ju presents herself as a mouse, is she really all that passive, even as a young child?
  3. How does violence create passivity?
  4. How is Apa also a passive character, despite all his violent behavior?

Chew on This

Women are naturally more passive than men because women are physically weaker than men.

Passivity has nothing to do with sex and/or gender; it's all about a state of mind.

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