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A Step from Heaven Religion

By An Na

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Is God great or is God just a story passed onto kids so that they don't just give up on life? A Step From Heaven definitely has a love-hate relationship with religious faith, especially Christianity. It's both a real and a false refuge from daily life for Young Ju, and it's also a thing that's passed from family member to family member, so think of it as one of the (few) glues holding this dysfunctional Korean immigrant family together.

Questions About Religion

  1. Is religion a source of personal power or not?
  2. What kind of love is God's love in this book?
  3. How is the power of religion connected to the family?
  4. Why is religious faith primarily a female thing in the book?

Chew on This

You can't depend on God, and the only way to survive is to depend on yourself.

God isn't about getting you out of a bind when you're stuckā€”God's about getting you to believe in your own abilities so that you can help yourself.

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