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A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 11

By Madeleine L'Engle

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Chapter 11

Aunt Beast

  • Mr. Murry tries to stop the beast from taking Meg.
  • The beast turns to Calvin, saying that it's easier to communicate with him than with Mr. Murry.
  • The beast asks Calvin what his planet would do if three of the beasts suddenly turned up. Calvin replies that the humans would probably shoot them.
  • The beast asks if that's what they should do with the humans. Calvin says he'd rather they didn't, because his planet makes some mistakes sometimes, and let's just forget the whole shooting thing, please.
  • The beasts confirm that Earth is not a dark planet, but one fighting the darkness.
  • Mr. Murry tells them that they came from Camazotz, but that they didn't belong there either.
  • The beast says that they must take Meg back with them.
  • Meg is frightened by this and struggles. The beast tells her to relax, which, given her experience on Camazotz, she hardly finds reassuring.
  • The beasts tell Mr. Murry that Meg needs care to counteract the effects of the Black Thing, and the comfort of being in the beast's arms makes Meg feel calm in spite of herself.
  • She decides that since the creatures are giving her happiness, not pain, they must be different from IT.
  • Meg falls asleep. When she wakes up she's in a dark chamber feeling much better.
  • She thinks that her father didn't save her, but the beasts did.
  • Meg talks to the beast in the room with her, and tries to explain to the blind beast the concepts of light and vision.
  • Despite lacking sight, the beasts seem to have a much richer sense of their surroundings than the humans do.
  • The beast tells her that they're trying to figure out what to do to save Charles Wallace, but that it's not going to be easy.
  • The beast feeds Meg some strange but delicious food, and Meg realizes that she hasn't eaten anything (other than Mind Control Turkey Surprise) since her mother's stew, who knows how long ago.
  • Together they try to figure out what Meg should call the beast, and they settle on Aunt Beast.
  • Aunt Beast sings to Meg in indescribably beautiful music.
  • Meg sleeps again, and awakes feeling as good as new.
  • Aunt Beast tells her that she can call this planet Ixchel, and that it shares the same sun as Camazotz.
  • Aunt Beast tells Meg that the Ixchelians are fighting the Black Thing as part of His purpose.
  • Meg asks Aunt Beast if she knows Mrs. Whatsit, but Aunt Beast has no idea what she means.
  • Aunt Beast takes Meg into another room to have breakfast with Calvin and Mr. Murry.
  • The food looks weird but tastes wonderful.
  • Meg is still mad that her father abandoned Charles Wallace, and didn't turn out to be the superhero she thought he would be.
  • Meg says that they should asks Mrs. Whatsit & Co. for help, but none of the humans are able to explain who the Mrs. Ws are. Calvin comes close with "guardian angels" (11.113), but not quite.
  • Suddenly a voice reverberates through the hall: "'WWEEE ARRE HHERRE!'" (11.119).

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