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A Year Down Yonder Writing Style

By Richard Peck

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Writing Style

Home-spun Comfort

A Year Down Yonder is accessible and friendly, with some rustic country charm. Mary Alice describes the world around her in great detail, and gives us insight into how she feels about each small interaction—whether it's with her grandmother, her crush, or even her cat:

By April Bootsie took time out from her busy schedule to bring me offerings. One afternoon I found a robin's egg on my bed. Had the robin flown in the open window and laid it? But no, Bootsie must have carried it in her mouth all the way up the house for me. I was touched. (6.9)

She doesn't just gloss over the fact that her cat leaves things for her; she goes into details about exactly how Bootsie must have transported the robin's egg through the house, and how it makes her feel to receive such a gift. Heartwarming, for sure.

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