Study Guide

A Year Down Yonder Chapter 8

By Richard Peck

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Chapter 8

Ever After

  • Mary Alice ends up getting married in Grandma Dowdel's house, in the last year of World War II.
  • Because Joey is off serving in the war and their father is working with Boeing in Seattle, Mary Alice's family can't make it to the wedding.
  • And because the groom is also serving in the army, he only has three days of leave to spare.
  • The whole affair is quite simple and spare, because of the war. Mary Alice saves up her ration cards to buy a new pair of shoes and a suit, and Grandma Dowdel makes her bouquet and bakes a wedding cake.
  • And when the time comes, Grandma Dowdel is the one who walks Mary Alice down the aisle and gives her away…and we find out in the second-to-last sentence that we know the groom quite well. It's Royce McNabb!

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