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A Year Down Yonder Competition

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One trait that Mary Alice shares with her grandmother in A Year Down Yonder is that they're both pretty competitive ladies. Grandma Dowdel never lets anyone get the best of her—even the rich folks like Mr. and Mrs. Weidenbach. She always puts them in their place, and makes them pay more than everyone else (even if it makes them huff and puff).

And Mary Alice is cut from the same cloth. She isn't intimidated by the other girls in her class, even when they shun her. In fact, she goes out of her way to mess with Carleen, the class snob. And when she hears that Carleen is interested in Royce McNabb, Mary Alice isn't deterred. Instead, she vows to get to him first.

Questions About Competition

  1. Why does Grandma Dowdel always give the Weidenbachs a hard time?
  2. Why is Mary Alice worried that Grandma will participate in the turkey shoot?
  3. What is Mary Alice's reaction when Carleen claims Royce McNabb?

Chew on This

If Carleen Lovejoy hadn't laid claim to Royce McNabb, Mary Alice may never have pursued him.

Grandma Dowdel always comes out on top in negotiations and competitions because she's an excellent student of human nature.

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