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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Strength and Skill

By Seth Grahame-Smith

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Strength and Skill

In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, there are several types of strength and skill, and Abe has most of them. He's strong, he writes well, he speaks persuasively, and his breath is always minty fresh. But he wasn't always this skilled of a guy. He has to work and train to be strong and eloquent. And he has to train hard, because the folks he's going up against aren't so easy to beat (being the walking dead, and all). He may be strong, but vampires are stronger. He may learn to speak persuasively, but his opponent is the entire slavery-industrial complex. In short, Abe needs all the strength and skill he can get.

Questions About Strength and Skill

  1. Does the book spend a lot of time describing Abe's training? Would you like to hear more or less about his training?
  2. Abe seems pretty competent all around, but are there any skills (besides Google-fu) that he's lacking? 
  3. Who teaches and trains Abe and how are those characters presented? Is Henry (who teaches vampire hunting) presented differently from William Mentor Graham (who lends Abe books)?
  4. Are there other characters who are as strong and skilled as Abe? If so, why aren't they as important as Abe? Is it not just his strength, but also his destiny that makes him so special? Or is something else afoot?

Chew on This

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter focuses on Abe's strength as a way to chart his development from boy to man to older man. The older the stronger.

Abe's most important strengths all are formed through sad moments of loss.

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