Study Guide

Jenny Creighton in Across Five Aprils

By Irene Hunt

Jenny Creighton

Jenny is a little spitfire, and not your typical young farm girl of the 1860s. She's clever and a bit outspoken, and not afraid to lay claim to her contributions. One of our favorite moments in the book is when she quickly responds to Jethro's assertion that tending to a team is a "man's job" by saying, "I've bin sharin' a man's work, don't fergit that" (6.105). And she's right—Jenny ends up being the extra bit of strength, both physically and emotionally, that Jethro needs to get by. With all her older brothers away fighting the war, Jenny goes above and beyond to help out.

Even Shad knows that he has something special with Jenny. When Jethro suggests that Jenny would do anything for Shad, he remarks that "Jenny has a mind of her own; she sees through nonsense like a flash" (4.140). Tough and clever—always a good combo.

And since we're on the topic of the great and powerful Shad, he couldn't have imagined a better girl to be with. As soon as Jenny learns that Shad was hurt in battle, she takes about 0.3 seconds to decide that she's going to see him in the hospital when Ross Milton offers to take her. And miracle of miracles, Shad survives and begins the long healing process with Jenny by his side. Matt finally caves and allows Jenny and Shad to marry, which puts the two lovebirds over the moon.

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