Study Guide

Across Five Aprils Warfare

By Irene Hunt


The Civil War plays such an important part in Across Five Aprils that it's almost its own character. And it's not just those who end up fighting the war that are affected by it. In the Creighton cast of characters, we get to see the war from the perspective of those who left to fight it and those who were left behind, and the violence of war doesn't just look like blood and guts during battles. War and warfare leave a lasting psychological impression on those whose lives are touched by it, whether on the battlefront or working the farm.

Questions About Warfare

  1. How does the war affect members of the Creighton family? Do they react the same or differently?
  2. What do the letters from John, Tom, and Shad reveal about the war?
  3. If Jeth were old enough to join in the fighting, which side do you think he'd choose? Why?

Chew on This

Tom, Jethro, Shad, and Ross all have very different expectations of war regarding its duration, gravity, and the homecoming of soldiers.

Matt Creighton views officially declaring war in a similar way to how Ross Milton views officially declaring peace: neither declaration directly or immediately changes the collective feelings of the people.

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