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The Officers Wearing Blue in Age of Iron

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The Officers Wearing Blue

Like the policemen in the van, these officers are anything but fine, upstanding citizens. They come to Mrs. Curren's house looking for John. They barely give her time to answer the door before they start shooting their guns into the air. They shout at Mrs. Curren and refuse to accept her pleas when she asks them not to harm John. They're pretty one-dimensional; we can't really see them as real human beings who also happen to be officers. Instead, they're bad cops through and through. They seem to live and breathe their role in society. Unforgiving, cold, and downright frightening, they murder John without so much as a second thought. (To add insult to injury, they also go through all of Mrs. Curren's private papers and ransack her house. Necessary? We think not.)

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