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Airborn Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

By Kenneth Oppel

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Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

Hopes and dreams play a huge role in Airborn because they are the way that Matt chooses to cope with the tragic death of his father. Instead of being really sad for a while and then moving on like most people, Matt clings to the idea that his father somehow learned the secret to flight and soars around forever and ever. (Honestly that just sounds tiring. Let your father rest in peace, dude.)

Kate, on the other hand, dreams of proving that her grandfather wasn't a raving lunatic, and of becoming a scientist (a most unfit occupation for ladies of her time). Keep dreaming, kids.

Questions About Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

  1. Why is the death of his father so hard to accept?
  2. Are Matt's dreams an effective coping mechanism?
  3. Are Kate's dreams really unrealistic?
  4. Would the book have been complete if this aspect of Matt—his struggle with accepting his father's death—had been left out?

Chew on This

The way that his father died is directly correlated to how Matt dreams about him. In other words, if he'd died in a different way, Matt would have pictured his afterlife differently.

Though Kate ultimately vindicates her grandfather, she is a lunatic just like him. They both hold too tight to dangerous dreams.

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