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Airborn Exploration

By Kenneth Oppel

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Sometimes exploration refers to a metaphorical journey on which characters embark to find themselves. In Airborn though, we are looking at a more literal definition of the term. After being shipwrecked on a remote island, Kate and Matt go exploring in search of proof that the mystical creatures her grandfather saw truly exist—and it leads them to a lot more trouble than they ever planned on finding. Sometimes exploration can be more of a hazard than expected.

Questions About Exploration

  1. Do you think Kate meant for Matt to be her partner in crime that first time she went off into the woods? Or was she planning to head out on her own?
  2. There is always an element of luck when you're out exploring in hopes to find something specific—what form did luck take for Matt and Kate?
  3. Kate says she reads about everything. Do you think she was really prepared for her expeditions?
  4. Although we see a lot of literal exploration, what kind of soul-searching is Matt forced to do?

Chew on This

Kate is the more natural explorer—she has the curiosity and drive that being an explorer requires.

Matt is the one to whom exploring comes most easily—after all, he has a great innate sense of direction.

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