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Airborn The Home

By Kenneth Oppel

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The Home

Airborn spends a lot of time defining what home means to Matt, and how it changes throughout the course of his adventures. A home isn't necessarily always a concrete idea—it can refer to any place where you feel the most comfortable, welcomed, or where you feel you best belong. To Matt, his home is unquestionably the Aurora; but gradually he realizes that maybe it might actually be more of an escape.

Questions About The Home

  1. Why does Matt define home the way he does?
  2. Matt feels uncomfortable whenever he's away from the Aurora. Is it normal to feel so out of sorts when you're away from home? Does this point to his attachment being a little unusual?
  3. Does Kate have a well-developed notion of home?
  4. What role does Captain Walken play in Matt's definition of home?

Chew on This

"Home is where the heart is." (Pliny the Elder)

"Any old place I can hang my hat is home sweet home to me." (William Jerome)

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