Study Guide

Airborn Women and Femininity

By Kenneth Oppel

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Women and Femininity

Feminism is a loaded term these days, and it means different things to different people. To our Kate in Airborn, it means that the societal norms that dictate different rules and standards for women because they've been designated the "fairer sex" are not only unfair, but patently ridiculous. She doesn't want to be held back by her gender, she can do anything a man can do (and probably better)—and she'll gladly fight anyone who tells her otherwise.

Questions About Women and Femininity

  1. Could Kate have been written without her feminist beliefs? Would such a character work?
  2. Although our story takes place in a kind of alternate dimension of history, do some of the things Kate says ring true for women today?
  3. Are there times where Kate takes her beliefs too far?

Chew on This

Feminism is something only women should care about.

Feminism is something everyone should care about—people are people, and deserve to be treated equally.

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