Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 1, Chapter 10

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 1, Chapter 10

Not Ready

  • Moose is killing time at home when a neighbor named Mrs. Caconi knocks at the door, saying they have a phone call. Since neither of his parents are home, Moose answers.
  • It's the principal of Natalie's school with a message for Moose's parents: Natalie isn't settling in well and needs to be picked up—tonight.
  • Moose hangs up, feeling very confused and scared. What could have happened?
  • He goes to tell his mom the bad news. She's in such a good mood after getting her hair done, though, that when he sees her, he doesn't have the heart to tell her.
  • Instead, he goes to wake up his dad, who tells Moose that he'll take care of it.

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