Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 1, Chapter 13

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 1, Chapter 13

One-woman Commando Unit

  • The next morning, Moose wakes up to the sound of Piper stuffing extra clothes into his family's laundry bag. He goes out and makes a comment to her about how it's lucky his parents didn't catch her… but he feels really dumb after saying this.
  • When he goes back inside, his mom comes in to tell him some "good news": She's been in contact with Carrie Kelly, another doctor for Natalie, and Kelly has suggested they get rid of her button box and start changing things for her, so she can change, too.
  • Moose is angry that this doctor is blaming the family for Natalie's problems. Why do they need to change everything?
  • Here's the worst part, though: Mom tells Moose that she has to start teaching piano lessons to help pay for all of Natalie's help, so Moose will need to come home after school right away to help watch out for her.
  • She explains that Natalie needs to start becoming part of the rest of the world. Moose points out that they don't live in normal society—they live on a tiny island where most of the people are murderers and convicts—but his mom comes back by saying that they're actually extra safe, because of all the guards. Whatever.
  • Another tiny problem: The warden isn't too crazy about the idea of Natalie wandering around the island.
  • Moose can't find any loopholes to his fate. He can't even meet his friends after school on Mondays to play ball anymore.
  • Mom stresses that they really need Moose's help right now, and as always, he keeps his mouth shuts and agrees. But he wonders, like he always does, if he'll put up with it all for the rest of his life.

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