Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 1, Chapter 2

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 1, Chapter 2

Errand Boy

  • Moose wakes up the next morning with his clothes on (just in case he has to face a prisoner in the night).
  • He runs out of his room to see his dad, who hasn't been home in a while; he is arranging buttons with Natalie.
  • Moose asks his dad if he has to work, and his dad says he has some electrical work to take care of.
  • Moose's mom and sister chime into the conversation and he feels like his personal space is invaded.
  • He wants to see the island, but his dad denies the request; Moose complains that his dad's been gone for almost three months. Talk about a long shift, right?
  • His dad leaves again, and his mom asks Moose to watch Natalie while she runs some errands—Natalie has a tendency to throw some really bad fits.
  • Someone knocks at the door and before Moose can keep Natalie away, she runs to it.
  • A rough-and-tumble looking girl walks into their house without invitation and asks Moose's age.
  • She asks Natalie's age, too, and says she already "knows" about her. Moose tells her that his sister is ten—which is something the family has been telling people for years.
  • The girl offers to show them around town, and demands that they follow her.

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