Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 1, Chapter 3

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 1, Chapter 3

Trick Monkey

  • Theresa, the girl, leads them through the street. First stop: the morgue. Theresa explains that they aren't supposed to talk to living criminals, but that dead ones are okay.
  • She pulls out a map that she's made for Moose of all the criminals on the island. She starts naming them all and telling facts about them, including their crimes. Juicy stuff.
  • They pass a guard outside the cell house, before they get to the morgue.
  • Outside the morgue, they run into another girl, who asks Moose what's wrong with her sister. This girl's name is Piper, and Moose describes her as a "looker" (3.42), though we might describe her as rude considering her question about Natalie.
  • Piper gets really aggressive about finding out about Natalie, and Moose tries to get her to drop the subject, eventually telling her to shut it.
  • She asks Moose to prove that Natalie's not stupid. He responds by saying she's not a "trick monkey" (3.70) because, at least in this moment, Moose is awesome.
  • Piper starts taking about how his dad won't be happy to hear about Natalie, and Moose wishes that his dad had kept quiet about having a special needs daughter.
  • Moose tells Piper not to worry because Natalie's going to boarding school soon.
  • Piper suggests that they go to meet his dad right away, but Moose tells Theresa that they're going home.
  • He tries to get Natalie to come, but she starts acting up and won't follow him. Luckily, Moose's mom runs up just in time before she starts throwing a fit. Mom's worried that they were gone.

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