Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 1, Chapter 6

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 1, Chapter 6


  • Moose walks past the cell house and is amazed by how quiet it is. As he walks up to the warden's house, he's notices that everything is made of cement, so even though it's a mansion, it blends in with everything else on Alcatraz.
  • The warden welcomes him into the house and leads him to the library.
  • As they take a seat, the warden looks irritated and Moose feels like he already hates him; Piper comes to the door and is invited in.
  • The warden explains that he usually just introduces himself to new convicts, but that Piper insisted that he meet him as well.
  • The warden starts going on about how dangerous the convicts are, and how important it is to follow the rules. Moose can't help but wonder why there are women and children living on the island, if it's so bad.
  • So here are the rules: Don't talk to the convicts. Also, give fair warning before having a visitor on the island, and there's no talking to anybody about what goes on here.
  • See, there's one pretty famous convict housed here that has quite the reputation: Al Capone. Since he's such a celebrity, it's super important that nobody hears anything about him. His network is so big that any word could mean trouble.
  • And how the warden gets to the real deal: Since Moose and Piper are going to be at the same school, he asks Moose to help Piper carry projects and other supplies when she needs a hand. Wow.
  • Piper gives a very fake sweet goodbye, and Moose politely and quietly leaves.

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